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HDT CBBE for A Little Sexy Apparel Replacer

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What's New In 1.99:

  1. Based on "A Little Sexy Apparel Replacer" main file version 4.99.

What's New In 1.5:

  1. For now on, changes to HDT weighed meshes, instead of TBBP.
  2. Both loose and well-fitted HDT meshes are included.
  3. Based on LSAR main file version 4.65.







Adds HDT support in CBBE for the adorable vanilla outfit replacer: "

a little sexy apparel replacer (LSAR)" by Cotyounoyume.










  1. Tired of unrealistic jiggling metallic breastplates?
    For maximum realism in metallic armors, this mod applies HDT weighed bones (jiggle physics) only on female body, while metal part are unaffected. i.e. While your character is wearing a heavy armor, her breasts and butt jiggles inside the armor, but those metal parts don't.

  2. Clothes and leather armors are entirely weighed with HDT.
  3. Supports characters weight from 0 to 1.
  4. Fixes some minor mesh errors that found in original LSAR package.


  1. A little sexy apparel replacer - for CBBE UNP ADEC - with LSAR Addon by Cotyounoyume
    (This mod cannot work without LSAR main package!)
  2. XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS by xp32
  3. Any body texture that supports CBBE


  • For Mod Organizer or Wrye Bash users: (recommended)
    Place this mod in a higher priority than main package.

  • For NMM users:
    Install this after main package, overwrite anything.
  • Optional: Choose loose or well-fitted version in LSAR MCM, the default is well-fitted.

Q & A:

  • About the compatibility issues with Devious Device (disappearing bras)...
    There's " Devices Underneath" option tab in the MCM of Devious Devices.
    By default, some setting are binds to slot 56, which is also the same slot that LSAR uses for bras.
    Problems of disappearing bra may be solved if these setting are changed to "none".
  • Why my boobs/butt are not jiggling?
    Try HDT physics extension.

  • Help! Skyrim crashed!
    Requires skeletons that supports HDT, such as XPMSE.

  • Why the bra and panties are clipping with metal armors while running?
    I've enlarged those metal breast plates in order to prevent clipping, but the clipping issue is varied due to the animation and HDT version/parameters that you use. Any realistic HDT settings should works fine.



All my appreciation goes to Cotyounoyume for this masterpiece vanilla replacer that reaches a perfect balance between skimpy and cuteness.


Mesh Rigger is a great tool created by gerra6 that provides easy-use batch body shape/weigh conversing! Highly recommended if you're making conversions.

Mods Used in Video (Animations):
Sexy idle Animation by Kamo1
The TBBP animation of Dragonfly with butt bounce by Dragonfly LeCid and Shaomarc
HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT


Mods Used in Video (Visual and Character):
Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team
Enb by Boris Vorontsov
HRK ENB TWO by hrk1025
Enhanced Lights and FX by anamorfus

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  • Special Edition Compatible


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Going to sound dumb, but the TBBP effect will only work for CBBE bodies right? No UNPB support for it yet?

TBBP is weight setting of skeleton which makes boobs and butts jiggle.

CBBE and UNPB are body meshes that affect body shape.


Actually while you are wearing a cloth or armor, the default body mesh that you installed is ignored.

Only default body texture is used.

There's a bit difference between CBBE and UNPB body textures.


Since Cotyounoyume is making UNPB version of LSAR, I may start to add TBBP for UNPB after he releases it.

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I love you so much for making this, thank you! I wanted to keep the LSAR armor but also have the TBBP part, but not only that but you made it so metal didnt bounce, exactly what I wanted.

The only thing that would make it perfect is having it work with the well-fitted option but its good enough. Any plans on adding that?

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Yeah, I'll try well-fitted version later but won't adding body/bra jiggle for metal armors because they should be "well-fitted".

In fact I've make those metal breastplates in loose version larger in order to avoid clipping, but sometimes they're still clipping >_>

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Awesome! I'll be looking forward to it. 
As far as clipping, I guess it just depends on the bounce, I haven't played long enough to notice any clipping yet so it doesn't bother me. With a static model unfortunately that's an issue when working with non-static objects.

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