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FPS drops in caves and ini tweaks

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Ive been searching around google with other people with FPS drops in caves for no reason. I found many.I am getting very wierd  FPS drops in caves. Mosty of ones which have running water but other are as bad as them. What is wierd that i have very high FPS (unknown due to skyrim not having fps counter) and even if i go near an outside waterfall and spin my mouse like crazy it does not lag in a slightest bit. What is wierd is that i can run games like Borderlands 2, Dark Souls 2 at highter settings with more stuff going on screen without extreme fps drops like skyrim when i just stand in a cave.In major sities i do not have fps drops either.My shadows are already on low, AA/AF are already off. My cpu is barely used ~15% and im not hitting my ram limit so it cannot be that. I saw on some forums that some sort of shadow reflections from candles or similiar cause those drops. But if that was in my case i would get the fps drop in a simple tavern too.


Im curious if there are some sort of ini tweaks or even mods which can help with that? Its not that much of an issue since im going to buy a new laptop probably soon this month but still it would be nice if i could get 20+ fps in caves.

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Can you give me an example for such mods? Because there are mods on my skyrim which are installed 2 years ago.


Also it appears that not all caves/dungeons have that issue. Some have it some dont. For example a wierd place to have insane FPS is Honorhall Orphanage in Riften. While i was doing the quest there i had like 5fps. While in big cave like the one where you do the quest for The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller was was solid 30+fps even when battling enemies. First i tought it was HDT but i doubt its that because in major cites i have no major fps drops with that many people around.

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I stopped using SMIM some months ago due to performance issues, but I still use the Particle Patch to work with True Vision ENB. 


BTW, have you posted your system specs? Most slowdowns I ever hear of often occur with laptops.

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I dont think i need to post them since i remember during my first time playing skyrim i was running it on high without problems. Later i switched to medum/high mix. Now im medium-low mix. I dont think i have installed any mods that boost textures or enbs. I found a few mods on nexus that might give better performance. I will try them out.

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