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After sex I cannot see any UI?


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That is a difficult thing to solve.... Here is a band-aid to help a little... But it's not a solution.


Try this... bring up the console, type in "TFC" (toggle free cam) and see if you menu or controls come up. If they do then auto save. Then end the game (don't go to the main menu and start back up, but close Skyrim). Once it ends start the game back up, load the auto save (you'll probably see empty space when it loads)... Bring up the console again and do TFC one more time and close the console. Your controls should work and you should see your character.... It's a Pain in the ass to do it this way.... but sometimes mod's don't work well together.



Now when it comes to finding a solution your going to have to list the following...


First and formost

What version of Sex Labs are you running.


What mod is initiating the Sex Scene, or how many sex mods do you have installed (some don't play nicely with each other).


How is your load order set up (Loot does a good job, but may not be perfect).



Known issue's that I've actually run across while testing different mods...


If you are not showing your menu after sex then bring up the console and type in "TM" (in lower case without quotes).

You probably wont see the console at first or the letters when you type them in but once you hit enter the console should display.

IE: TM = Toggle Menu


If you have no control over your character once you think the scene has finished, then try hitting the "END" key on the keyboard.

As this is the default setting in Sex Labs to end an animation (sometimes works sometimes not, depending on what mod disabled your controls).


Some mod's try to do the same thing as Sex Labs like free cam or controls... and that cause's all kinds of hate and discontent...

I've noticed (even with the latest version) that Radiant Prostitution Tweaked (RPT) tries to kick off "Free Cam", and Menu when you are doing the regular jobs in the tavern or around town. If you have Sex Labs set to "Auto Free Cam" when a sex scene starts then the 2 mod's kinda mess each other up.

RPT also will disable the menu and controls on the regular jobs and when those 2 mod's go south (mess'n up) it truly FUBAR's. Sometime you'll see the customer do repeat scene's and I'm not really sure if that is the mod mess'n up or if it suppose to have one customer do repeat performances (it is part of the house call job, but I'm not sure if its suppose to happen with the tavern job...).


I'm sure someone else will chime in to help you out more... I'm just giving you a temp fix / band-aid for your current issue... not a solution, definitely not a solution....


Oh and some of the mods like Submit, Defeat, and Sanguin's Debauchery will try to take control of sex scene's and the after effects.

And if you don't have the compatible versions of those mods in a correct load order then you can have other stuff muck up....just food for thought.



Note: Lotsa Edit's cause I'm tired and can't see shit.

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If i remember right, this happens when you are still in TFC mode while the sexlab animation finish.

I recommend you to disable the "auto advance stage" option in the sexlab MCM menu and advance them manually via pressing space.

You should also disable the "auto tfc cam" option in sexlab and use the shortcut (NumPad 3, if i remember right) to go into TFC mode and then disable TFC again before you finish the sexlab animation. (You notice the end of it when they cum) 


P.S. Please use the Technical Support sub-forum next time.


Skyrim Technical Support

Sexlab Technical Support

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