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[Lighting issue] Is this normal? If not, how can I fix it?


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So, I'm having a weird issue with my lighting set up.

This is how it looks indoor:




And, this is outdoor:




As you can see, the outdoor lighting is more red-ish, than indoor lighting. The guard's torches stay the same though.

I'm currently using:

Enhanced Light & FX

Climates of Tamriel

Lanterns of Skyrim

Lanterns of Skyrim - COT Preset v2.1 default

Somber Antique ENB.

Would love to know how to fix this issue if it is not normal and acceptable.


Thanks for your time.

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That's probably your ENB setup tuned up this way for outdoors.

Redish light in exterior at night could also be some other mod trying to use the fact that Masser is kinda red, so the light it reflects onto Nirn should be redish too.


BTW, try to find the black level setting in your ENB, your interior screenshot looks very good except it's all whitish. Will look even better with tweaked black level.

For the redish exteriors i can only suggest to try all kinds of ENB settings from the ingame GUI, until you will find the one that affects this.


for the reference - your interior screen with tweaked blackpoint:





edit: btw, i'm not sure you will see the difference. Might be that it depends on the display you have and it's settings.

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I believe shift+enter lets you play with the ENB settings inside the game through an ingame editor. One option is the colour contrast, saturation and such at day, night and indoors. I tend to set the saturation at night to a low value, because in real when it's dark everything goes sort of semi-monochrome also. If you save in the editor, it updates your ENB file. You can customize it that way. It's particularly fun to set nights to be very dark while having animals with glowing eyes. You see they're there and nothing is more haunting than hearing footsteps and growling, followed by this pair of glowing eyes charging at you.

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