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Racemenu Bodypaint Overlay Disappearing while nude


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  Having a problem with the Body paint Overlay in Racemenu only showing when a body slot item is equipped.  Using Mod Organizer with Racemenu loose scripts last in file order to make sure scripts are fine.  Loading Racemenu's ESPs last.  SKSE 1.7 scripts are fine as well.


  Racemenu v2.7.2

  Mod Organizer v1.2.6


  Suggestions please.

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 Racemenu's author said the plugin is included so no need for it seperate.  Plus it's obvious with MO that the plugin files are in there.  In the past my body overlay worked properly but at some point that I didn't notice immediately something broke it.


  Mod Organizer v1.2.9 - no change for overlay.

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Im just guessing because i do not use mo yet but id bet mo is the issue i use ece for my looks ect but i load rm for the overlays then unload it since as i was informed once you have the overlays on the body they will stay if you use the loose file net immerse override. Ive never had a issue with my overlays dissapearing when i strip using nmm for installing most mods and wire for the rest of my mod work.

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  It's not MO it's the 3D labia sevenbase bombshell mesh I'm using from here.  Since 7base body armor replaces the mesh with the default 7base bombshell when it's on the overlay shows up.  But while naked using this custom mesh they disappear.


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