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Nifskope question

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Hey i normally only work with fallout mesh so it alwways works :3


but now i converted 2 oblivion bodies from speedbuster

and when i try to apply SHADER_SKIN  and SF_facegen

i switches the texture i tell the body to use to my other armor ones

and well since it is oblivion i need it to keep using the obllivion texture but it somehow shows the wrong texture in game


u can see on the pic the top part i left it default with no facegen

its using the proper texture but now the shader is horrible and does not fit


and the bottom part has facegen and skin and well the shader is great 

but if u see i got a nipple on the leg..that is because it is using my fallout skin somehow


How can i fix this Pleaaase =(

because i want to use these bodies they are great


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