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Bodyslide overzealous zapping


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I have found a bug in either bodyslide 2 or Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide and TBBP HDT by ChronoTrigger77


With certain armours when I zap leggings part in bodyslide, the preview window shows those

parts gone, but in game the armor loses it's main part as well. If I go back to bodyslide and save a non-zapped version, the main part is back again.


I have seen this at least CT77 Blacksmith, CT77 Vampire and CT77 Vampire Gray. I have zap leggings as a part of my preset. 


Before I try to contact Caliente or ChronoTrigger, I'd like someone more experienced at these things to try to reproduce the bug and perhaps offer better insights what might be wrong.





The bodyslide preset used:



    <Preset name="A C-- Preset" set="CT77 Dragonbone">
        <Group name="CT77 Armor" />
        <Group name="CT77 Body" />
        <Group name="CT77 Bonus" />
        <Group name="CT77 Clothes" />
        <Group name="CT77 Dawnguard" />
        <Group name="CT77 Dragonborn" />
        <SetSlider name="Belly" size="big" value="50" />
        <SetSlider name="BreastCleavage" size="small" value="50" />
        <SetSlider name="BreastGravity" size="big" value="50" />
        <SetSlider name="BreastGravity" size="small" value="20" />
        <SetSlider name="Legs" size="small" value="20" />
        <SetSlider name="NippleSize" size="big" value="80" />
        <SetSlider name="ShoulderSmooth" size="big" value="30" />
        <SetSlider name="ShoulderSmooth" size="small" value="80" />
        <SetSlider name="Thighs" size="big" value="25" />
        <SetSlider name="ZapPanty" size="big" value="100" />
        <SetSlider name="ZapPanty" size="small" value="100" />
        <SetSlider name="ZapLeggings" size="big" value="100" />
        <SetSlider name="ZapLeggings" size="small" value="100" />

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I re-checked nexus page I for that update line but did not find it.


Are you referring to the same mod? I updated the first post to include the link to the nexus page.


Does that same mod exist elsewhere?


Anyway, seeing as there is a newer version out there, I am upgrading anyway.



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