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Any modder/volunteer who would like to help me with a mesh?


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I hate having to ask for help on a forum in vain, as in that those who read my threads just move along. Oh well, let's give this another shot.


The thing is, that I'm trying to port an unserious mod from Gmod to Skyrim. The Tarako dolls mod, to be more straight. And I'm looking for someone who has experience in NifSkope and Blender/3DS Max, someone who can help me rig this mesh http://www.mediafire.com/download/mekt1t1etbwbyma/tarakodummy.nif onto the rabbit skeleton. The mesh also needs some adjustments so that it can be used in Skyrim, such as NiSkinInstance and a texture path, etc. I just can't do all these changes myself without every single UV coordinate resetting to 0. So if there is anyone willing to help me in this case, don't hesitate to drop me a PM!


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Here's the unedited OBJ file for anyone to import it to Blender, rig and weightpaint it onto the root node. Then export it into a nif and make necessary adjustments in nifskope. And when this skin is ready to be used in Skyrim, send the finished nif to me and I'll give credit in the final mod :)


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