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Sui Dress BnB

This is the BnB Version so you will need bnb or compatability skeleton

Comes in 7 Different Colors / With tattoo's or No tattoo versions

**Added No bounce version**


This armor is meant to be with our project so it might not fit everyones taste ** does not come with tail**

And because this body is an oblivion convertion the skin might not fit without our custom Nekomimi races.

You do not require Our project but have a look





**Has always Dress's found in Goodspring Gas Station**


Here is a quick color Showcase













GamebyteTV https://www.youtube.com/user/kojakos86




*We do NOT allow ANY of our mods to be redistributed on ANY other sites.* especially on nexus if you post my mods on nexus ,

i will get you banned sorry to sound so rude..but screw nexus up the Arshe


Just give download links to loverslab.. :3

Follow our mods on facebook too! https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Nekomimi-Project/677661645623528


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Hellu! yes the white one came alot whiter then i though looks nice and classic,

And we are building a domain right now exactly for that reason! 

dam nexus banning us again so we lost a bunch of people so we are making our own mod site and ill make dam sure it gets popular

and everyone whos banned from nexus will enjoy this =)

i just hope i can convince modders to come upload themself


Still building it for now but it is Nekomods.com

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I've noticed a sever lack in quality mods on the Nexus recently. Shame.. anyway.


I had to edit the white dress to match facegen shader data to get it to work with my pony, but it did and came out beautiful. Thank you. I've long wanted a wedding dress and nobodys ever made one. 


I can email you the image or do you jus want me to Link it from the nexus after i upload it?

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kuku i have to use a vpn to not get my spy account banned lol,

we still download mods and make sure noone uploads our work there


so if you can just post it on our facebeurk page https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Nekomimi-Project/677661645623528


That body is giving me insaaane trouble with shader lol.. what did you do on it?

if i do what i normally always do which is to simply copy paste my Shader from a working proper body

or if i set SHADER_SKIN  + Facegen   it just doesn't work O-o

it somehow ends up using my Normal Skin for the project instead of the one it should O_o

That big boob body is an oblivion convertion i did from speedbuster bodies

So i dunno ~_~

I hate it because it really causes a big seam

especially when sun rises or lowers  when the face and hands become dark and that body remains ultra shiny xD

i tried simply remaking the uv map but i dunnoooo bodies are just too much for me


i did make one wich the skin is super white to fit on nekaros is that what you did?

is that pony mod finished now? Id looooove if they would come upload it on my new website when we are done building it

We will be pouring money in advertising and asking EVERY modder we see and hoping people can help us out

And well Nekomimi Project + a Pony Mod i mean comon = i win


But how exactly did you Make the Facegen work? Didnt it totally override the oblivion body Texture?

i soo dont want to do the uv map on those oblivion bodies lol some of them i had to cut the top to mirror the arms since i done a better job on 1 side

and it won't rejoin the meshes together now Bahhhh

maybe i simply need to put back my character _male body back to default one

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I loaded up the white dress in Nifskope and went into the um.. Oh lordy. I'm no modder.. what is it? BSShader-something and checkmarked the face_Gen box in the list of options. it fixed it for me perfectly. Ahh. I don't use facebook.. i tend to avoid it like the plague. But I'll happily email it so you can post it. If you want. I'll be uploading it on the Nexus tomorrow. Likely to a storm of hate cause it seems everyone there hates furries. ><

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hmm so you added facegen and it didnt screw up the skin?


because normally all Skin is exported like SHADER_DEFAULT without facegen so i always have to either change it to SHADER_SKIN then add Facegen  or i normally simply copy paste branch frmo a working body.

But ya....if i add facegen to this body it switched my texture completely and i get distortion and the wrong tattoo's xD


And well i super fkin hate facebook has well xD made like 5 diff accounts so i can get away from drama and qqers

just make yourself a gaming Facebook to avoid any Drama or people, make one Named Desert Elf or something and add noone 

i always hated social networks to start with lol but facebook is....Fkin people spamming those stupid picture posts and stupid votes

And especially if i log right now on my REAL facebook i 100% guarantee you someone gona say hey Jo!! someone Died


Last 4 times i went there is to learn everyone i knew died 1 by 1 so if i dont go i wont know hah

and especially my father has my account and speaks to me sometimes and i do NOT want that


If not until out Real Domain Nekomods.com is up  

if not you can post stuff on our temporary forum http://nekomimimods.forumotion.ca/

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or wait lol just post it here xD in more reply options you can add attachment


so HAHAHAHAHAHA Look at this   i almost died laughing my skeleton ended up corrupted somehow xD

Weighting is Suuuuch a beech

Now its fixed but the weight is not good and theres clipping everywhere because of it and the body is spliting in half

so i have to join body mesh together and join the arm mesh to the robe too and reweight it all agaiiin NAOOO


but hahha sooo funny




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