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Follower(s) get stuck after main PC has sex

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Okay, I didn't feel like wading through 47 pages of back forums just to see if this rather minor issue has been answered before, but I have a weird problem with my followers.


My main engages in sex.  For whatever reason.  Either she gets raped, or she does the raping, or what have you.  But for whatever reason, if this happens near the end of combat occasionally one of my followers will become overly attached to that location.  They stand there and stare down at it like they are still watching the act occurring.


I can summon them using any of the various follower mods, but he or she will immediately begin to head back to that same location at his or her top speed using the most direct route.  Needless to say, if this is in a respawning dungeon or cave, it looks most odd if I ever revisit that place - Draugr, Draugr, Dragon priest, "oh hi there Serana, just hanging out?", Draugr, Skeleton Lord....  


It also gets very annoying if the follower is Serana.  If she is needed for a quest (like opening the portal in DG) she'll stick around long enough to do that before running away again.


Anyone else have this problem, and is there a fix for it?

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