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Almost 1:1 Oblivion armor conversion


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I did it:




Converted Hentai's Casker armor to Skyrim. Thing is, I didn't even have to copy weight bones from a Skyrim armor or anything like that.


The only thing I did, is first position the armor to Skyrim's default pose with 3DS Max using this, exported as a fallout 3 nif, and then in Blender (sadly, I'm stuck with it since 3DS Max is much too alien for me) scaled a bit the legs and shoes in the z axis in object mode and then applied scale and rotation to obdata, so they got to ground level.


Then renamed every vertex group to what it would be called in Skyrim. Including fingers.


The only difference is, Skyrim has two upperarm and forearm twists, whereas Oblivion has one, but naming the vertex group of the upperarm/forearm twist from oblivion to the first upperarm/forearm twist from Skyrim is enough to get it to work. Also, the fingers have a 0 where Oblivion didn't to make them all two digit numbers.


For example, Oblivion has finger1, and Skyrim is called finger10.


It's a very painful process, but it beats having to reweight everything since really, the weighting is already done, and copying weights is going to be ineficient most of the time.


Now my question: Is it possible to create a Blender script to do the renaming process automatically? Really, in theory it's just about changing A to B, but I have no idea about Blender scripting so I'm stuck.


This, combined with the Oblivion Skeleton in Skyrim Pose, would mean easy conversions from Oblivion to Skyrim, and almost 1:1 at that (you have to scale legs and shoes to ground level, but that's not such a problem)... at least for female armors until someone does a version of that skeleton for males.

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I don't know, in Blender using bone weight copy is not error free at all, you always have to fix lots of places.


Vertex groups are where the weights are assigned in Blender. A script to just rename them should make things much easier... And quicker for models with too much tris.


Oh also, how are you managing the Skin mesh? Since every armor mod in Oblivion was based on HGEC, I don't know what I should do with the Skin to have it match the Skyrim one (the UV map is completely different so yeah). I'll download one of your conversions and take a look at it, if you don't mind.

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lol ull notice most of them have original hgec mesh. The ones I do convert I go for the ones where theres not too much skin showing, or at least where theres not much skin/armor/clothes contact, and just reshape whatever skyrim body you use to fit it. Either that or reshape the armor/clothes to fit the body. Not sure but maybe redoing the uvmap on the hgec mesh to the skyrim texture might work too, but I don't know how to UVMap/texture stuff so... (UV mapping seems pretty damn hard to learn :/)

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