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Animations don't start :(

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As the title says, animations won't work. I'm using sexlab framework 1.57, FNIS & FNIS spells version 4.0.1 (I couldn't download the latest version), FNIS creature pack 5.1 (yes, all a mess), xp32's maximum skeleton X.93ar50, UNPBO/CBBE body, eternal black's immersive bodies, hdt physics, and mods like sexlab aroused, romance and matchmaker (I can't get to use it), because at this moment I'm afraid of installing the others I have (like TDF prostitution and pimping and others that use creature animations).


Skse, skyUI and FNIS are installed properly.

My FNIS detects all of my animations and sexlab, and gives me 1 warning. Also, my papyrus log is huge.

I used BOSS to fix my load order, I followed the troubleshooting procedure and did read the FAQ.

I'll attach the papyrus log and what FNIS says later.

Please help me, i have spent SO many hours trying to fix this problem...

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It is frown upon uploading active mods from other sites. FNIS creator is a member here if memory serves me correctly. Besides there are other requirements and suggestions that are needed from Nexus besides FNIS. Even for a basic install to get it properly working with bodies and such.


I would advise you to post or look for a thread to help you get basic access to Nexus. Perhaps a proxy or something that can help you get basic access. Your IP might have been banned, or you just might be missing a basic step to register. A thread should help with that.


Second suggestion. Look around our site. There is a Skyrim thread that is a better place for questions and assistance on Skyrim questions. People might not see threads placed in different locations and thus you won't get the traffic and in the end the support you really need.

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