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[SOLVED] Ningheim issue, creature sex

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All of a sudden my Ningheim characters can't cast Irresistible Aura on animals. This is happening with male and female PCs.


I get, "Your spell fizzles and fails to affect Horse." (or dog or whatever)


I've checked to make sure that Enable Creatures is selected in SexLab (it is) and I've looked in Toggle Animations to make sure everything is enabled in there (and it is)


I use the same Mods for all races and right now it looks like this is affecting Ningheim and *possibly* Lunari (still have to test Lunari some more)


Nord Male can cast the spell on animals and it works. Breton female works. Succubus Race PC works. 


Do I have to copy animations into the Ningheim folder and re-run FNIS? 

So far I've tried copying the meshes/actor/character/animations folder into meshes/actor/character/Ningheim, and reran FNIS. This didn't show me anything different from before I copied the animations folder. So either I didn't put that animations folder in the right place or there's something more I would have needed to do.


Sex with PEOPLE works fine. It's just acting like I never installed FNIS creatures or didn't enable creatures in SexLab or..... something.

I can't seem to figure this one out.


Help is appreciated



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So.... nobody?

SOMETHING hadda have gotten borked as neither Ningheim nor Lunari can have creature sexy time. 


Succubus race works fine and my vanilla races all work fine.

I don't get a crash when trying. Animation never starts. It's acting like the animations aren't registered in SexLab yet I can see them in there and they're checked.


Just..... weird....


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