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Blender for Fallout -- Mesh piece rendering too dark

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I'm kind of at a loss here, which doesn't happen all that often. I'm working on a new outfit, and I'm having some trouble with the way the mesh and textures interact.


Here it is in nifskope.





The issue is with the boots. There should be no reason for them to be showing up that dark. It's using a custom texture, but the color of the boot leather in the texture file is maybe just a shade darker than the loincloth and tights. There is something in the mesh property that is making it much darker, and I can't figure out what. I've erased the material settings and completely re-done them, but it doesn't change anything. The boots are from vanilla resources, cut out from one of the merc outfits. I can always switch out the boots, but I like this one for this set, and I'd like to know why it's doing this in case I run across it again in the future.


Any ideas?

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