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Dual seath redux not working with requiem?

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I am looking for someone who is got exerience with bith mods. I am using MO ASIS Requiem DSR and Sum with it.

I have a bashed patch, some weapon and armor mods (immersive w and A Jaysus swords.


My problem is after the SUM i got dual sheath redux.esp and dual sheath redux patch.esp.

Both enabled.FNIS executed.


Ingame however I just have the right weapon on my back, left one cannot be seen.

I have immersive animation as well for dual weapons, that is working properly, just the weapon is not on my back when the weapon is sheathed I have 2 swords animated.


Also I tried staffs, they can be seen on my back.So I think I have the patch It is working at some point but I cant get 2 swords have on my back for some reason.

I have different profile in MO with Skyre, DSR same way installed with almost the same mods and there it is working properly.


Can anybody help with that?

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