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Blender import error


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I am making Oblivion Sexualized Monsters for all the new monsters included in FCOM, so they won't feel "inadequate" ;) next to their peers. (They aren't really new, just different skin colors).


I was attempting to edit the ogre penis, because currently it is exceedingly large and causes massive clipping with animations. I would fix this by altering the angle of the erection so it wouldn't poke out of the body, but I can't seem to import it into blender.



I get this:


niftools.blender.import:warning:texture 'textures\creatures\ogre\ogrem.dds' not found or not supported and no alternate available


I haven't been able to find anything on google. Has anyone else encountered a problem like this and knows a fix/workaround?

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Missing texture won't stop blender from importing the file.

The mesh will just be black when you select textured view.


Keep in mind that Blender is unaware of any Oblivion path conventions. The paths in the NIFs are usually relative to your Oblivion (or other game) data folder.

So if you import a NIF directly from a path like "D:\Games\Oblivion\Data\Meshes\Armor\MyMod\Cuirass.NIF" and the NIF sets the texture path to "Textures\Armor\MyMod\Cuirass.dds" the importer will look for the texture in "D:\Games\Oblivion\Data\Meshes\Armor\MyMod\Textures\Armor\MyMod\Cuirass.dds" and not in the Oblivion textures folder.


It's usually best to have a Blender work folder with a sub folder for textures to which textures are copied when needed.


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