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Changing the mannequin people in the mod "Portable OnDemand Disposable Unlimited Mannequins SPODUM"

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Portable OnDemand Disposable Unlimited Mannequins SPODUM
It's a mannequin mod (abandoned) with animations and some other stuff. I wanted to change the "person" that is the mannequin. I figured it'd be pretty cool to use say gagged Ulfric or Adrianne Avenicci as mannequins.
I've dug around in the source in the CK and in the files with TES5Edit and there are only .pex files... binary/compiled? That is fine, really, because I know that if I can figure out the right names for those persona, I can overwrite them with another mod at load time. 
The question is what the names are. any thoughts?

can the files be 'decompiled'?

is there a text gem buried in there somewhere?

Maybe some console magic can reveal the name?

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