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Is there a mod that shows which equip-slot an item is using IN the inventory menu?


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Like, when you look in your inventory and you see the stats for the items that you have listed, their type (Body, Tail, Other, Amulet, etc.), weight, value, etc. In addition to or instead of, there could be something that adds or changes one of those values (the type, I guess, would be logical) to display what equip slot the given item uses. Does something like that exist?


And if not, how hard would something like that be to make? Because it seems to be it could be pretty handy to be able to see which equip slot that items are using at a glance. Not only would it make it easier/quicker when choosing gear for your character to wear (see if there are conflicts with pieces), but for things such as SexLab's "stripping" settings it would help to better customize what pieces a character might remove/get removed from them.


I dunno, just a thought I had.  :unsure:

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This would be very helpful if you where playing a character who had a ton of accessories. I don't have very many accessories myself, but I know with all of the clothing and armor mods out there, you can come up with some very complex combinations.


An interesting thought indeed.

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Guest emilio

I managed to change some slots on items using TES5edit. You've gotta change the entries in both the 'armor' and 'armoraddon' tabs i think.

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