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Help a noob out with oblivion character mods.


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So I have been wanting to try out Oblivion and all the adult mods here, Im well used to Skyrim and Sexlab which I have a decent grasp of now but Im completely stumped when it comes to Oblivion.

I would love any help with finding some really good/popular bodies and faces, both meshes and textures.

Preferably a another way of designing a face than the basic way in Oblivion as well, I have a very hard time designing something even remotely pretty in Oblivion :)

Any help would be greatly welcomed.



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the body http://www.loverslab.com/topic/13908-gerra-and-movomos-setbody-reloaded/


the face is really tricky because in oblivion the creation of a player is bad you need a race or beautiful people to make the character look good. but is better a race


like this races


search for races



Chocolate Elves



High Imperial



and this to make the character look good


This is Requirement to install Modular beautiful People 2ch-Edition

Modular beautiful People 2ch-Edition v1.4a




Modular beautiful People 2ch-Edition




X117 Race Plus Plus




OBSE to run Lovers Mods and others




OBMM to install mods



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