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lovers error


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i keep getting a error about Lovers: ERROR!!

xLoversPkrGetMotionParamBySPosIndex not

found SPos=0 .... tho i've tried all kinds of positions and the number just changes and says the same thing i'm running out of ideas on how to fix this T_T i've tried fresh installs and i've used the fix spell nothings working :/ when i get raped/cause rape or just do any type of sex it comes up with that error with a diffrent number at the end depending on the position and when i hit ok the animations show but the cloths stay on and no sounds plays and the characters arn't actualy lined up correctly :/

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hmm that error doesn't come up anymore but now i have another problem ..... its almost like a graphical problem but its not its got like yellow triangles coming up and a blue thing going threw them i would give you a screen shot but i'm having issues figuring out how to screen shot the game :/

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