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Question about armor replacers.


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So, I just had a thought. If you have a version of an armor for a different body type, & replace the meshes & textures with a different body type, in theory, if everything is named properly, the armor should still function as the new body type, right?


Not sure if anyone's asked this before, didn't look, but I thought I'd ask. The reason I thought about this was I saw there was a version of an armor that someone was looking for, which was a a bigger pack in one body, but in a different body, by itself, as well.

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If I understand you correctly, the answer is yes.  You can take the mesh of an armor, delete the body mesh from it, and add in a different body mesh in nifskope.  It should technically work fine, but the armor itself will not be weighted to the new body and may not be the correct size and shape of the new body.

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Well, I was thinking about an armor that was, for example UNP with the proper meshes, textures, & all that. But there's another version that's UNPB BBP, for example, but the 2nd is part of a larger group, but I don't want to install the larger group. So if I download the larger group mod, pull the meshes & possibly the textures alone from the one I want to use as a replacement, make sure they are both named the same, & use the new stuff to replace the original stuff, if THAT would work still.

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