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Invisible Amulets


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Although my amulets on my PC and NPCs/followers are checked as equipped in my inventory, they stay invisible in game.


The changes in my game were the following:


-zipped chest slots in Remodeled Armor for CBBE HDT Bodyslide

-installed the newest SOS Beta and "revealed" some armors


Chestarmor and amulets have default slots, nothing unusual.


Whenever I unequip the chest armor, the amulet shows up.


Any idea?


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I posted the issue on the SOS thread, I guess it belongs to there.


Amulet and chest slots are the Skyrim default slots (32 and 35 I believe). It must have something to do with the zipping option of Remodeled Armor outfits and the revealing option of SOS. Maybe the possibility to zip certain outfit parts treats the whole outfit as modular and this might interfere with the revealing option.

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