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Female PC initiate sex with female NPC?

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I'm using the steam version of oblivion, and got LAPF1.5  along with the supplimental pack 1 going. Also chainbeast as well as furotrap and Estrus.


So far, when ever my female npc approaches another female npe and does a invite, a refusal is received..


However, with most males, its always an acceptance.


Is this by design? if so is there some setting I can tweak to lean this more towards the feminine side?


I could load loversRaperS , which I did a while back but it caused some issues with chainbeast  animations, so I re-installed   and just stuck with the basics. 


Any ideas?




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Ah!! so that's how it works. Hmm. Didn't find any setting in the lovers pk ini file. Know if there's a setting that needs to be toggled elsewhere?


On the bright side, this gave me the impetus to get the TES Construction Set and start looking at how things are done.





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