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Autohotkey script for Bodyslide preview cam movement

Monsto Brukes

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Genius, right? Yeah. . . right. 
Use the keyboard to move the Bodyslide preview view around. 

Shit you need for this to work:

  • Autohotkey 
    If you can't make it work, there's a ton of docs on Autohotkey on the web.
  • The attached script below. 
    As long as Autohotkey is installed right, the script should work.


  • Numpad 2, 4, 6, 8, move in those directions
  • Add Ctrl to rotate OR use Numpad 7, 9, 1, 3
  • Numpad +/- to zoom


  • Alt 1: torso focus
  • Alt 2: juggs focus
  • Alt 3: rear, lower-mid body focus
  • Alt 4: butt focus

Presets look great in the default window, but other sizes fuck up the scaling. So do the preset and THEN move the window.
The view doesn't automatically reset between presets. So if you want to go from juggs to butt, you have reopen the window or the body flies off the screen top fucking speed.
Also, last thing, I'm not patient enough or smart enough to make the rotation spacing perfect. I think it's something like 34 = a complete revolution, but the point is that the rotations work but aren't perfect. Tuff titty.
Suggested usage:

  • Open the preview window.
  • Use a preset.
  • Win-Left/Right to place the window where you want it.
  • Ctrl-4/8 to rotate and see what you're lookin at as you make changes.

Do I get hookers and poker chips now?



Version 2: Fixed working in the small window. If you have version 1 then you need to get this and slow the hell down. it was only up like 2 minutes.

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