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Creature issues with Sexlab?

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Okay, so I'm pretty new to this and it's really frustrating.

I have Nude Creatures, Creature Features, and all that installed, but dicks don't show up on creatures and, for some reason, Drauger are not initiating sex with Dangerous Nights.

I'm stuck on the same area and I've been fiddling with uninstalling and reinstalling them, but alas.


And, like I said, creatures don't have their parts.

Dangerous Nights worked just last night when a wolf attacked, which is when I noticed there was no dick, but the animations played just fine.

A spider also attacked, but I didn't have them enabled?


I'm just really confused and I'd like them to work correctly. :C


I attached the Papyrus log

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Let's check the obvious first: do you have the creatures checked in the Nude Creatures configuration menu? They all default to off.


SexLab doesn't filter creatures, only creature animations so check in the configuration under SexLab > Toggle Animations > View: Toggle Creatures and see if the Drauger animations are selected. They should default to on.


Not familiar with Dangerous Nights so it's possible there is a problem there. If you see nothing obviously wrong in the configuration menu then it might be worth searching the support thread for that mod.

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Yep, most certainly made sure that that was checked.

Did it first thing when I installed the mod.


Dangerous Nights just enables the PC to get raped during their sleep.

Like I said, it's worked with wolves, but for some reason not with Draugr.

Not sure how to initiate sex with animals otherwise.


Thanks for replying, btw.

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There are a few mods that trigger sex with creatures under various circumstance. For example SexLab Submit allows your character to be raped by creatures instead of being killed by them, Animal Mansion gives you the opportunity to perform with animals in front of an audience.


Just as a utility you might want MatchMaker which will let you start an SL animation with anyone/thing that has an animation available, on demand. It's not at all immersive but very useful for testing - if everything works with that then SL is probably fine and the other triggering mod is likely the problem.


For Nude Creatures it sounds like something has gone awry. I would suggest completely uninstalling, making a clean save, then reinstalling.

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