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1H and 2H swords simultaneously on back ?!?


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Hey guys, I need a little help, I've got a little tired of using Dual Sheat Redux and I want to change how the swords are shown on my char, so, I was wondering, does anyone knows how can I have the swords to be shown on my char like in the screenshots below ?!? What do I need to do/use to get the same result ?!?









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The Double Swords mod seems to be nice, and since it requires DSR, which I already have installed, I'm gonna try this one, thank you for your answer, I appreciate that, cheers... =P

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I've found a mod that does what I want without the necessity of any additional mods/installations, Equiping Overhaul, it's like the bDisableGearedUp=0 ini tweak but without the bugs, the swords are not well placed like in the screenies and has some clipping but I can live with that...lol

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