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Creampies and post-coital afterglow


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Couple of ideas I wonder if anyone has addressed:


1- Dripping internal creampies?  The LL semen seems to splatter all over the pelvis, but misses the crotch.


2 - Or how about a mod that chooses ejaculation spot by hotkey?  Pullout, creampie, facial, etc..


3 - Or how about unwanted creampie chance rolls.  Sometimes lose points with a partner if they didn't want one but you hit that key.


4 - Redress animation / post coital cooldown: Also characters just sort of leap to their feet and appear magically redressed after sex.  How about this scenario: the dude rolls off after a satisfying missionary or whatever.  Both partners lie down for a bit (perhaps with legs still open) before getting up.  Then perhaps a redress animation is needed.  Or in Defeat mod, victims can lay there in stunned post-violation silence for a bit, especially is still under the 'fear' modifier...

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