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CBBE Body Slide 2 sets to UNP Conversion (Batch Build) Is this Possible.

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Subject line says it all.


Is there a way to batch build in Body Slide 2 and have the outputs work correctly on UNP based bodies.


Be it UNP, UNPB, 7base, or the up and coming Project Citrus (Universal Body).


I've tried selecting a UNP based body and UNP shape then run the batch build, and it turned out that the armors took the correct shape.... But the "baseshape" that was included in the armor did not change from a CBBE style to a UNP style so the texture for the  underlying body looked wierd.


Maybe if there was a way to initiate the CBBE to UNP zap slider first (which would fix the baseshape hopefully).


But I'm not sure how to do that with the Batch Build function...


And for those that don't know...

Baseshape is the general name used in most mesh's for the body that comes with the armor.

Some mod authors use unique names for the base shape, but most that I've come across just use "base" or "base shape" as that is the base shape body inside the mesh file.

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