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HDT HHS acting up

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So I booted up an old save that was working just fine a few days ago (I didn't change any mods), and all of a sudden, I can't change or assign custom height to any shoe, because HDT HHS says "Built-In High Heels" to EVERYTHING. Even Prisoner Rags!

I tried reinstalling HHS, running ReProccer and LOOT, all to no avail. It works fine on my other save though...

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Try to unequip everything and then check your character for "HighHeelEventTrigger" effect using "MFG console" mod.


edit: Wait, you don't even need mfg console. This effect can be seen in regular "Active Effects" list in magic menu.

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Now that's a good question.

I think you need MFG console now. Install mod, unequip all the stuff you wear. While in third person mode open the console and click your character(00000014 will appear if you selected the right object). Then you will probably need to hit "Tab" to see the additional character info in the left part of screen. Look into the "equipments" first(you navigate those menus by pressing left shift instead of a mouse click). What do you see in equipments?

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I figured it out already. A user named fuzz16 posted this on the Nexus forums:

To Remove "Ghost Effects"

1. use the "player.resurrect 1" command to remove ALL effects.
2. save and close skyrim, restart and reload your save to reapply racial bonus
3. use "player.addspell " to manually reapply all your justified effects

**NOTE: I have noticed that after following these steps my perk abilities are not being applied correctly, for example I am not able to zoom in with a bow or dual cast destruction spells even though I have perks in the slots; however, I was able to fix this as well by using the following mod...

I'll have to see if my perks work right though. Also, my racial effect didn't get reapplied after restarting the game. But I have all the effects back. And the HHS works again.


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Lik in my post above. If an equipped item is found, just remove it.

Otherwise search the spells list with MFG console, find the one that adds HighheelEventTrigger effect, remove spell with "player.removeslpell spells_formid_from_MFGconsole".

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I looked through the commands on uesp and found the removespell command, but it doesn't work on MGEF (Magic effects). HighHeelEventTrigger isn't caused by any Spell, it's probably there because I reinstalled Skyrim and all the Mods I was using before with Mod Organizer. This must've caused SkyRe to screw up and delete all my enchanted equipment, without actually removing the effects it added.

Edit: It also says "undefined" when I look at the active effects with mfg Console.

Edit 2: It's also not just the HHS, there is another stray enchantment with an undefined source.

Edit 3: It does list a spell ID with the MGEF, but trying to remove the spell using the given ID doesn't work. It says "Invalid spell item '15000801' for parameter Spell Item"

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