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  1. Um, is the required master hdtHighHeels.esm really necessary? After looking around your file I couldn't find any reason for that dependancy. There will be an update for RaceMenu soon that makes the HDT HighHeels System obsolete, so because your esm doesn't actually use any assets from the HDT system I don't think your esm needs to depend on it. LG, Toastbre4d
  2. have you looked at the armors from DeserterX? almost all of his have high heals, some very high. the latest armor: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68653/? DeserterX uses Petrovich's UNP Boots for his armors or some other model with ridiculously high heels and warped feet. His armors are awesome though, they inspired me to try and make a retexture/mashup of my own.
  3. Are there good high heeled boots for the UNP body? They need to have good proportions (look realistic) They need to cover the foot (no skin visible, at least up to the ankles) If possible, they should be available on the nexus Stiletto heels would be perfect I already checked Bob's Boots and Petrovichs UNP Boots. They're not what I'm looking for. With Bob's Boots the foot looks warped and not very realistic and Petrovich's UNP Boots are used in every damn DeserterX armor. I want to make my own one (Blender is really not behaving well for me, so I'll try making a mashup/retexture first), so I don't want to use Petrovichs boots because they're already everywhere. Thanks in advance!
  4. Sure, here you go. I completely extracted the BSA files, so I can work with the files more easily and I can just replace the file in the mod folder. You might want to make a new mod in ModOrganizer though. Just create a file structure like this: "meshes\actors\character\character assets" for the replacer version and "meshes\actors\character\character assets\citrushead" for the standalone version. Put the file in there, make a .zip or .rar of the file structure and load it into ModOrganizer. Make sure it's below CitrusHead, so it overwrites its files. femaleheadchargen.7z
  5. I actually meant to ask if there was this "teeth move but lips don't" issue with RM3. If there is, someone (I'd do it if nobody else does it) needs to make a patch.
  6. I'd probably have to do that with every single NPC in the game, since even completely unmodded and generic NPCs suffer from this. I'll switch to Standalone. Will this be an issue with RM3?
  7. I'm using the replacer version. How would I go about running facegen for all npcs? Would that be a lot of work, and if it is, is it just tedious or really simple but time consuming? If it's too much work to be a sensible move I have a solution for the Standalone version. Get your favorite Vampire face fix, use that for all other NPCs. Proceed fixing up citrushead's femaleheadchargen and you're golden (at least I think you'd be). I could upload the clean vamp chargen file if anyone wants it too.
  8. Okay, so I got my Vampire face morph issue worked out. I replaced femaleheadchargen_VampireMorph.obj inside femaleheadchargen.tri with a copy of femaleheadchargen.obj. Now my characters face looks better than ever. However, another issue came up. While my characters lips move fine and facial expressions also work fine, NPCs faces are completely static, except for beards and the inside of the mouth. It almost looks like they are wearing a mask of their own face. I use RealisticTeeth. When going into wireframe mode, I can clearly see the teeth and tongue of the NPCs moving, but their face doesn't. I don't know if that's important, but I also put the HDT Havok Path into femalehead.nif. It also seems like not every NPC is affected by this, for example the Osare Maid Outfit Merchant in qasmoke can open her mouth just fine.
  9. Got it working now, there was some rogue file I overlooked. Looking forward to RM 3! Keep up the good work!
  10. -snip The game is hardcoded to apply this morph when you turn. You have to null the data for the morph itself for it to do nothing. In other words you have to modify the femalehead.tri file (or the mods equivalent, not the chargen one) and replace the morph with zero differences. If you are using Anton's tri extractor/creator you would just replace the morph with the base, since the difference between the two would be zero. It's unlikely I will make a morph to undo the vampire morph since to apply, it would require you re-enter the menu as a vampire, and if you were to be cured it would subtract it twice; once for the original, and again for the new morph. Is it not possble to implement a kind of "switch" that swaps the vamp morph out for the normal one and vice versa? It doesn't even have to be a gradual transition from squished to normal and back, just a switch that swaps out the morph. I don't have any Idea if that's possible or if it would take millennia to code. If it's not easily doable, i'll just make the change in the tri file myself and be happy with it. I just thought this was a nice idea. @powerofvoid: It's not just the chin, here's an example: If that doesn't seem like much to you, it does for other people and it really annoys me. Edit 2: I just tried extracting the femaleheadchargen.tri from CitrusHead, overwriting femaleheadchargen_VampireMorph.obj with a copy of femaleheadchargen.obj and repacking it into a .tri file, but now I get CTDs.
  11. If there was a way to toggle face deformation when becoming a vampire (like a slider you set at character creation), that'd be great. I really want to use the CITRUS head with this once it's released, but I haven't found a way to save my vamp ladys face from being squished when she becomes a vampire.
  12. I found one which alters the Base Head Reference for all the Vampire races in CK, but that didn't work either. On my desktop rig, where I don't have the CITRUS head mesh installed, the modified femaleheadchargen.tri file works perfectly. I'm kind of lost now. I want to play a vampire, but I can't bear a face that looks like it has been crushed with a pipe wrench.
  13. I installed your head on my laptop today, and I made a new character. Looked astonishing, until I became a vampire and the cheeks sunk in like in vanilla Dawnguard. I have a custom femaleheadchargen.tri file that should fix this, but it doesn't do anything. Is there a possibility to disable the face morphing crap of Dawnguard with the CITRUS head mesh? LG, Toastbre4d
  14. I just found another set of sounds and I'll probably need to edit my mod to accomodate more sounds for different kinds of surfaces. This could take a while, please be patient. Greetings, Toastbre4d
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