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Holy Lancer

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File Name: Holy Lancer

File Submitter: Minoumimi

File Submitted: 04 Jun 2014

File Category: Armor & Clothing


There is no Bnb Version since it didn't show at all
i made 4 or 5 different colors

Use the Knuckles i included to be able to melee with the Dual Weapons i made

There is a Glowing shield backpack +100 carry
Or dual glowing Swords that you can hold in 2 different positions
But you will need to equip those Knuckles with it since they are in fact Gloves


*We do NOT allow ANY of our mods to be redistributed on ANY sites.* especially on nexus if you post my mods on nexus , i will get you banned

Goes for any other sites has well... Just give them a link to Lovers... u don't need to steal our 1500+ hours of work




Click here to download this file


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