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Blender 6.5+ Copy Bone weight tutorial ??

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Anyone can help me how I can be able to COPY Bone Weight to Another Bone in one object...
I know how to Copy bone weight betwen 2 Object but not for 1 object...

So I hope this image can explain it better..


SORRY I MEAN IS NOT "Join/Copy Both Skeleton" BUT "Join/Copy Both Bone Weight"...

So about this Image, I want to try copy Boneweight from 3 diferent skeleton into 1 skeleton...

Can anyone help me out how to Copy both of those Bone weight into 1 Bone ??

thx before...

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In general, any automated boneweight copy tool (whether one of the ones I wrote or the ones that is packages with Blender) is generally only going to copy bone weights from vertex groups with matching names. So, you just need to get a bit creative:


1. Duplicate the mesh

2. Select the copy and look for the vertex groups section in the edit tab on the button panel.

3. Look for the vertex group (bone name) with the name of the one you want to copy *to*. Delete it.

4. Rename the vertex group (bone name) that you want to copy *from* to the name that you want to copy to.

5. Copy the weight from the copy mesh to the original mesh.

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