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No collision with armor?


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So I'm using this mod right here 




and I'm using this hdt version




For some reason, collision is not working when wearing armors, but works without them. They were working at first, but randomly decided to stop. Yes I have the havoc object equipped so that cant be the problem. I've tried unequipping it, the armor, and all sorts of combinations but to no avail. Any have an idea on how to fix this?


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Try linking the xml manually to the head nif.


Should work fine for PC, dunno about NPC's though.

Pardon my inexperience but how would I go about doing that..? ._.

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It still doesn't have collision :( 



So simple yet so brilliant.  Its funny, it should have been so obvious yet no one thought of it.


For everyone that has no idea what hes talking about, just use this.

zip.gif  hdt collision by head.zip   35.88KB   1770 downloads

and u can remove hdthavokobject.esp.


I downloaded this, or should I just do it manually?

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