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Weird Pop Up Started: Clothing Script Test

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So tonight, for some reason, I get 2 Message Boxes appear on screen whenever I equip my Flames spell.


The first box says "Clothing Script Test1:" and after I click "OK" a second box appears that says "Clothing Script Test 2: Flames". After I click "OK" on that box as well, then I am fine. However, they occur every time I equip the Flames spell on either hand.


Any idea how to resolve this?

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I am having this same error message when ever I change armor or clothes.  I'm wondering if it's FNIS related?  However, I didn't have these error messages an hour ago. The only mod I can think of that I just recently installed with scripts is the Dance of Death, but that shouldn't affect armor.  

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So, I figured out that it was the follower Sofia that was causing the script issues. Hope that helps. 

Awesome.  I just DLd that mod today and started having the same issue.  I haven't even met Sofia yet!  I found this thread on a Google search before I could load Nexus Mod Manager to remove Sofia.




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