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  1. I have noticed some NPCs will suddenly "get attacked" or assassinated by what seems like an invisible attacker. I've noticed it 3 times now. All attacks happened in Whiterun. Once on Danica Purespring, who was injured and went into a bleedout state. The second was on Acolyte Jenssen is a Nord priest at the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. and he died. And the Third just happened today, and killed Saadia in the Bannered Mare. It seems to happen after Sex scenes. I'd used the SexLab trainer mod. Danica had just used sex to Train up my Restoration skill, when Acolyte Jenssen was killed. I don't know why Saadia was targeted or killed. I used both "Detect Life" and Detect Dead spells, but no extra NPCs show up. I noticed it happening after I loaded SLab Trainers and SLab Solutions. Does anyone know of a mod that either adds this assassin or feature or bug??
  2. That makes sense maybe instead of Assassins they are slavers? Or a bounty collector who wants to take you alive?
  3. I thought it could be cool if wilderness encounter assassins or some other attackers could slap a gag (from devious devices, or Ulfric's gag) or some other type gag ball,onto the player, right before attacking. The idea is they sneak up behind and equip the gag to prevent the dragon born from shouting them to pieces. Thoughts? It could be cool if this leads into a scenario where the player gets kidnapped and has to escape, similar to Death Alternative or similar mod.
  4. Ah! Thank you Comrad. Can it be moved or should I start a new thread there?
  5. I thought it could be cool if wilderness encounter assassins or some other attackers could slap a gag (from devious devices) or some other type gag ball,right before attacking. The idea is the sneak up behind and equip the gag to prevent the dragon born from shouting then to pieces. Thoughts?
  6. can I make a request for a tat? I'd like to see the Dark Brotherhood hand print, sideways on the butt - so it looks like the result of a spanking. Is that possible?? Thanks Murf and Moders for all you do!
  7. Same thing here. I put the Potions.esp and the patch dead last in my load order, but I have the same "no texture Purple" on some and many are missing the mesh entirely. If I drop a potion to the ground, it disappears. I tried again and selected "No" when the patch wanted to overwrite, and I put the patch after Potions in the load order. Some are still missing, and many of the potions are now Renamed to potions of "faint, good, Remarkable, Surpassing". Is that from the Main Potions mod or the Patch?? I'd love to be able to use this mod. What am I missing?? Thanks!
  8. This sounds like you might have the hardcore setting checked in the Devious Devices MCM...normally, it makes it so that even if you escape, you have to get help to remove restraints. Thank you for responding. I looked in D Devices in MCM and I did not see a "Hardcore" setting. But I remember one time I did need to find a blacksmith to remove some devices. Is that from the DD mod? Or another one? I talked Warmaiden's Adrian and Ulfer Warbear and neither had an option to help me remove the binds. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know if the locations on the Banners actually exist?? I can not find them. The banner lists: 1. Riften Back Door Organics 2. Wyndhelm - Grey Market Slavers 3. Markarth Silver Blood Traders 4. Winterhold Frozen Pete's Slave Auction. Thanks! LTK
  10. This is a cool Mod! I'm having one problem after the slave auction event. So it says I was purchased by someone who hates slavery, and they freed me, and returned my gear. BUT they don't have the tools to remove my restraints. And so now I can not equip anything or open my inventory or powers menu. What am I doing wrong?? I have most of the LLab and SLab mods and all the requirements. I have devious devices and integration installed. When I use the console command - Player.showInventory - it says I'm wearing the ZBF collar and cuffs. So I can remove them that way. Or equip a new set to get them to show up. BUT - when I talk to guards or black smith Adrian at Whiterun, there is no option to ask for help removing my bonds. What am I missing?? Thanks! LTK
  11. Thanks for a great mod KickinIt09!! I am now in the Debauchery Casino!! Wait... I'm naked again. Dammit Dragonborn. You might want to put some clothes on before you leave the house...
  12. I'm loving this mod!! How do I get into the Debauchery Casino near Riften? and is there a way to "complete" the quest/conversation with Laura in Falkreath? Thanks!!
  13. I'm having the same issue. I now have two followers who were raped and now they are just standing naked at the location of their assault. They won't follow me or fast travel with me. I can use the "wait there" command to get them to move a little bit. But their days of adventuring seem to be over. I have defeat at the end of my load order. I did not have this issue with the previous version. 5.3b or what ever it was. This is the only mod I've changed since my last game. This was a brand new "start a new game" - so I'm not that worried. I'm using Amazing Follower Tweaks. Thanks!
  14. I downloaded this and then installed with Nexus mod manager - but the shoes are not showing up. I don't see them in Breezehome, and I get nothing when I type in ~ Help shoesp using the console. (I only see the regular barkeeper shoes etc. What am I missing?? Thanks! This looks cool!
  15. I love this idea! Maybe you spank a tavern wench and get a temporary boost to something, like improved resistance to magicka. It could also be cool if the NPCs could spank a female dragonborn. It might sting for a second but not do any real damage??
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