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From a noob for noobs - Creating a standalone armor mod - Tutorial


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I'm a total noob. A console fetishist who bought a new PC just for Skyrim two years ago. My English is poor, just my third language. Had to learn everything by myself that I know about modding now. Only few experienced modders have deigned to answer questions or provide assistance! Special thanks to my friend Anka and to Zzjay and her great turorial that tought me how to create followers: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33106/?


Was pretty astonished that there are greater talents as me that didn’t know how to create an custom armor in NifSkope and CK. Wrote a tutorial for them now:



Twelve steps, 28 screenshots. From a noob for noobs …


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Why didnt you just post the 12 steps and SS here?


I mean honestly I'd be curious but offsite is bleh sometimes


Huh? What's your problem? Worked for hours on this damn tutorial and you complain about the download link???

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