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HDT High Heels Click to attach


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 Hello, i had to remove some mods that included HDT High Heels, everything is working in the MCM Menu except for the HDT High Heels Click too attach- which is greyed, shaded out. Any ideas why or the cause?.


 Oh, had to re-install SkyUI and Skse 1.7

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Not positive, but if a shoe already has a high heel effect attached, it may not accept a new one.  Try it with vanilla shoes/boots and see if that works.  If the height seems wrong, you may want to adjust the global effect value to fix it -- sometimes ECE and skeleton adjustment mods can make the character seem to float for instance.

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  As for high heeled effect attached, before when i used HDT HH whenever had to take shoes off-sex scenes for example i had to click on "Click too attach" so that the shoes would would re-attach too right height. But now the option is not there, greyed/shaded out. I'am using Groovtama's XP skeleton haven't had a problem with it before.


  Now the only high heels i have that don't sink are Xinaf's excellent high heel mod. Even those i don't get the option too click too attach.


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 ANother thing i just noticed is that Skse is spamming my Mod Organizer overwrite folder with logs from CharacterMakingExtender as well Hdt HighHeels. Reading the logs don't reveal any errors or warnings. Never had this before with either one of those 2 mods.

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