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       I have recently had lots of problems with skyrim...such as CTDs on trying to load and starting a new game.

       but now It is saying that content is missing from the save when every mod I have is enabled,so if someone could help me out i would

       appreciate it..Thanks~DatPiff

  • Skyrim.esm Active
  • Update.esm Active
  • ApachiiHair.esm
  • RaceCompatibility.esm Active
  • BBLuxurySuite.esm Active
  • Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main.esm
  • Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm Active
  • SexLab.esm Active
  • SexLabAroused.esm Active
  • SGHairPackBase.esm Active
  • betterfemalesbybellalessmakeup2.esp Active
  • RevampedExteriorFog.esp Active
  • enhancedlightingforrealisticlighting.esp
  • Further Dark Dungeons for ENB.esp Active
  • PersonalizedMusic - NoVanillaMusic_v5.0.esp Active
  • PersonalizedMusic_v5.0.esp Active
  • PM_TownUniqueMusic_v1.0.esp Active
  • PM_TownUniqueMusic_NoVanilla_v1.0.esp Active
  • _pocketcraftshop.esp Active
  • auto unequip arrows.esp Active
  • bestrape.esp Active
  • better embers.esp Active
  • Cat_mount.esp Active
  • hdplants+herbs.esp Active
  • lockpickpro.esp Active
  • SexLabNudeCreatures.esp Active
  • SexLab_Paycrime.esp Active
  • character creation overhaul.esp Active
  • DYNAVISION Dynamic Depth of Field.esp Active
  • SkyUI.esp Active
  • aciiibowandarrows.esp Active
  • ADEC_Chain&Ringmail.esp Active
  • ADEC_HalfPlate.esp Active
  • ADEC_DianoArmor.esp Active
  • ADEC_Clothes.esp Active
  • ADEC_SuccubusArmor.esp Active
  • AmazonArmor.esp Active
  • apocalypse - the core.esp Active
  • armored circlets.esp Active
  • BBP_Rabbit.esp Active
  • BloodWitchArmor.esp Active
  • Contractor Armor.esp Active
  • craftable musket.esp Active
  • darkseraticheavyarmor.esp Active
  • DraconicArmor.esp Active
  • dragonstingsword.esp Active
  • drakul armor.esp Active
  • DynastyArmor.esp Active
  • EisenPlate.esp Active
  • empirelongsword.esp Active
  • Evil MasterMind Armor.esp Active
  • ezio.darkgrey.esp Active
  • ezio's armor.esp Active
  • fountain guard armor maty743.esp Active
  • fs_lotrpack.esp Active
  • gctwindaggers.esp Active
  • glimmer.esp Active
  • insanity's daedric sword.esp Active
  • insanity's dragonbane.esp Active
  • isd_longclaw.esp Active
  • isilnarsil.esp Active
  • ket_goldbrand.esp Active
  • longbows.esp Active
  • longbowsdb.esp Active
  • MashupUNP.esp Active
  • matys knights of the nine armor 2.1.esp Active
  • Mavari Armor.esp Active
  • mx17skillkatanas.esp Active
  • Neo's Oriental Dress.esp Active
  • Osare Underwear.esp Active
  • RavenArmor.esp Active
  • realmshatterarmorpack_v001.esp Active
  • rosehidden.esp Active
  • silverknight.esp Active
  • Silverlight Armor.esp Active
  • Skeleton bikini.esp Active
  • star wars ep1 armors.esp Active
  • starwarsarmors.esp Active
  • takiarmor.esp Active
  • testfinal.esp Active
  • tgl qahnaarin.esp Active
  • tomahawkaciiiwepmod.esp Active
  • twohanded dawnbreaker.esp Active
  • typemoonWeapon.esp Active
  • unique uniques.esp Active
  • UNP Pantyhose.esp
  • viciousdawnbreaker.esp Active
  • VoidArmor.esp Active
  • WeaponsOf3E.esp Active
  • Wet.esp Active
  • WWW.esp Active
  • yogweapons.esp Active
  • ac3 connor robes.esp Active
  • akavir_isle.esp Active
  • BBLuxurySuiteExt.esp Active
  • BBLSHousecarlsmovein.esp Active
  • BBLSspouse.esp Active
  • BBLSVisitors.esp Active
  • Dorn Heven.esp Active
  • gleaming falls.esp Active
  • graesholt - bleakcoast cave easter egg improved.esp Active
  • iciclevalley.esp Active
  • mercenary war-gear.esp Active
  • neiheleim.esp Active
  • overlord.esp Active
  • RayeksEnd.esp Active
  • run for your lives.esp Active
  • sec_friendsforever.esp Active
  • 360WalkandRunPlus-RunBackwardSpeedAdjust.esp Active
  • armored-horses.esp Active
  • lush grass and trees.esp Active
  • Schlongs of Skyrim.esp Active
  • SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp Active
  • SexLab Romance.esp Active
  • dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp Active
  • riverwoodenhancedplugin.esp Active
  • Unique Grasses.esp Active
  • saturationboost.esp Active
  • DMCVampirelordMalePlayer.esp Active
  • apocalypse - the spell package.esp Active
  • midasskyrim.esp Active
  • masterthetimeandspacetoggle.esp Active
  • pjs_spell_compendium.esp Active
  • SexLab Enchantress.esp Active
  • FNISspells.esp Active
  • SGHairPackAIO.esp Active
  • Glowing Eyes.esp Active
  • Glowing Vampire Eyes.esp Active
  • daywalkers.esp Active
  • Monli.esp Active
  • SuccubusRaceLite.esp Active
  • UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul.esp Active
  • reduced distance npc greetings.esp Active
  • Ayufollower.esp Active
  • blaze of eventide.esp Active
  • BTRH_Tomoe.esp Active
  • c35Silmeriagirl002.esp Active
  • okamishiranui.esp Active
  • the watcher.esp Active
  • WATER - Sir Crabalot Returns.esp Active
  • Spousetocustomhome.esp Active
  • stealfromchildren.esp Active
  • BecomeKingofSkyrim.esp Active
  • CharacterMakingExtender.esp Active
  • dd - realistic ragdoll force - realistic.esp Active
  • EnhancedCharacterEdit.esp Active
  • Clean Invisibility Effects plus Eyes Fix.esp Active
  • purewaters.esp Active
  • WATER.esp Active
  • WATER Plants.esp Active
  • WATER DG.esp Active
  • WATER DB Waves.esp Active


       P.S if the problem is something I should of seen dont criticize me..im a noob.



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If your Skyrim is saying that, it is because you removed something after your last save. Even if you have all your mods checked, if you uninstall a mod, your save keeps a "cache" of that mod on hand still, so it will say it is missing a mod. As long as it wasn't a script mod or anything on those lines, it should be fine.


As for your crashes, it could be simply too many scripts or simple memory issues. Crashing when loading a game is usually caused by memory issues (computer can't handle the load, so naturally, it crashes). Are you using the new SKSE with memory edits, or SSME by chance? If using an ENB, are you using ENB Boost or an ENB with it built in already?


When you say crashing at a new game, do you mean at the title screen, or after you have already clicked new game and it went to a loadscreen? If it's at the title screen, it's usually because of a missing master. If it's after the loadscreen, again, probably a memory issue or too many scripted mods.


The Luxury Suite is a solid case for this. It is very script heavy and causes all kinds of problems. Running it with other scripted mods, will cause crashes. I'm not saying it is the culprit though, but it could be contributing to it.

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