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Looking for Followers


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When I played vanilla Skyrim I wasn't that interested in having Followers, they were interesting for a time but more as a fun aside.  With mods AFT they are more useful and entertaining than before.  That said I'm looking to add some additional followers to my game for variety-sake.


I started with Bjin Warmaidens which I actually liked a great deal but then someone suggested I give Skyrim Beautiful Followers a try.  I actually like the looks of the Warmaidens a bit better but Skyrim Beautiful Followers allows  you to use your body model/meshes/skeletons which I much prefer.


I also tried and have been using the Olivia Wilde mod since I've been a fan of hers.  Nice mod, my only problem with it is how powerful she is.  I took away her weapons and she was out beating bandits and monsters to death.


With all that in mind I would like to find some follower mods that meet the two criteria:


1.  Not hyper-powerful.  Start out at the same level as the player.


2.  Does not replace the entire body.  This one isn't critical but I do prefer it.


If anyone has suggestions on additional followers I could look at I would appreciate it.  Thanks!

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You can make quick edits in the Creation Kit to reduce how powerful followers are. Open up each Actor's Actor Window and go to the Stats and Spells tabs. I know that my own follower mod adds a follower with quiet a few perks and with Health, Stamina, and Magicka offsets. If you want, you could remove some or all of the perks, and decrease the stat offsets.

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Puppet Master with SexLab. You can make anyone a follower mind-slave. Further they never turn you down when you want to have a bit of "fun with them."

*** you can have up to 5 at a time.

*** you can chose to make them unkillable or not.


Followers are great, but mind slaves are better.

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Thanks for both tips.  I don't have the Creation Kit so maybe I start there.  MM, I'll take a look at puppet master mod but I'm looking for recommendations on new followers to add to the game.


DriedFinger, which is your mod?

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You can find Kitiara on here, MNWS Followers (both makeovers and new characters), Yui's Followers, Girls of Skyrim and others. Also, if you add the two Dragonbreak mods there are a couple good followers attached to that as well and they're voice acted (and the added quests are fun, too). Then there's Interesting NPCs that is worth looking into.

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TDF, Fina looks quite good and quite a few options for body types which is nice.  I may give her a try just wish she started at a much lower level than ten.


gvman, thanks for the tips.  I will look into those.  I've been tempted by Interesting NPC's in the past, just with all the scripted mods from LL I don't want to bog down my machine with too many npc's running around.  Right now I have Immersive Patrols.

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I forgot to mention that leveling can be edited too in the Creation Kit. Along with stat (health, stamina, and magicka) offsets, leveling settings can also be changed in the Actor Window's Stats tab; you can control minimum and maximum levels and the rate of leveling compared to that of the player character.


EDIT: Oh, and if you do ever decide to use Fina, consider PM-ing me about it; generally, people who have been PM-ing me about the mod get a better version of it. *Hint hint*

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