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One With Nature - Passive Animals and Creatures


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Great mod for everyone who loves bestiality sex. No more console commands, spells, voices which you needed to make a sex with animals.


What does this mod do?


Quote for author:


One With Nature is a mod designed to give the player control over how certain animals and creatures react to their character. When you open the Mod Configuration Menu, you will find a list of check boxes for a variety of NPC groups. Depending on your play style, you can toggle any of the boxes to become friendly with members of that group. A druid may wish to become kin to wolves and bears, a frost mage may want to pass harmlessly by an ice wraith, or a hunter may decide to peacefully camp with giants and mammoths. When a box is unchecked, the listed creatures will revert back to their natural behavior.

IMPORTANT: Does not work mid-combat! If you are being attacked by a bear and you mark the check box for bears while fighting, the bear will continue to attack you. All other bears not attacking you will become passive. The same applies to animals fleeing from you; if a deer is running from you and you mark the check box for deer, that individual deer will continue to run from you while others will not.

Creatures toggled as friendly may fight back or flee if you attack them! If you have a certain group marked as passive and you continuously attack an individual of that group, that single individual may revert to it's original behavior and either fight back or run away from you! In addition, that individual will remember your actions towards it if you attempt to approach it again.

Followers will sync with your preferences; they will not attack or be attacked by any group you choose to be friendly with. They will also help you fend off or hunt down creatures you provoke. Interfaction relations between creatures is untouched, however, so wolves still go after rabbits, giants still get territorial with farmers, etc.


In combination with Mazuky's SexAnimal mod, you can have gangbangs with all supported creatures from both mods.


Download: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54090/?

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