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Photo Studio With Chroma key Green Screen in Oblivion


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This mod adds a Photo Studio to the game. The entrance is in the Divine Elegant shop at the Imperial Market District.


It`s very simple mod and the purpose of the mod is for making good screenshots and video.

In the studio you will find a big Green Screen to make a good Chroma Key with PhotoShop or any video editing program like Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas.

There are also three Drawers to keep your stuff in if you want, but you will lose your stuff if you check of the ESP.

The ESP doesn't have to be checked on all the time only when you are going to make screenshots or video but caution with the stuff you leave in the Drawers.

It´s very important that you check off the interior shadows in the options menu of the game or you will not get a clean chroma. When you finished the work you can check the shadows on again.






Oblivion Patch (Official 1.2 Patch)

Oblivion Script Extender?

Oblivion Mod Manager?



Installation Instructions


Unzip Data file to a temporary location

Check folder paths and make adjustments if needed

copy/paste into Oblivion folder.

Activate Photo Studio Esp. file

Uninstallation Instructions


Delete included folders from your data folder

delete included esp. file from your data folder




This should work fine with anything, but it may conflict with any mod that alters the Divine Elegant shop at the market district. But the ESP doesn't have to be checked on all the time only when you are going to make screenshots or video



Known Issues


No Issues at the moment.


Change Log






Bethesda Softworks

The Meshes and textures a have used  are in the game.

Download here:





You May use this mod if you use it for Oblivion, if you include all the

proper credits, and if your mod is intended for anyone to use

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