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I like the PS4, disappointing that there aren't many releases for it right now, though we're sure to get more as the year continues. In all honestly, I love how the controller feels for it, probably one of the best console controllers I've held, can't explain it, but I like it! Games? Well as I said there aren't much and most of the games on the console right now are for the most part multi-platforms, except for Killzone and some other ones I guess.


Only thing hold it and the Xbone back for now are the lack of games that are made soley for this gen, as for the most part most have ports on PS3 and Xbox360, which should fix in time.

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Guest mercury11

I picked one up a couple of months ago.  I was thinking about Xbox One, but I'm glad I went with the PS4.  The user interface in my opinion is more organized and user friendly.  It's got a nice ergonomic controller and It's also a decent multimedia device as well.  So far I picked up 5 games.  FIFA 14, Killzone Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4, Thief, and Outlast.  Outlast is one creepy game.  The playroom is great too.  My 2 year old son just loves it, and it's real cute to see him trying to figure out what he's supposed to do.  It's a shame that it's not backwards compatible with PS3 games.  It was great how the PS2 improved the textures of the PS1 games.  I think the orginial PS3 did the same with PS2 games.

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I love my PS4, but I dont have any games for it.  I just got Wolfenstein for it, which is also out for last gen consoles, and it's the only game I have to play on it.  Aside from that, my family has Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, and thats it.  There's nothing for PS4 right now, unfortunately.  The only game I want for it thats out is Infamous, and I think Watch Dogs which comes out next month or something.

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I've only played a few demos so far, but damn the controller is nice! Like mercury stated it's a shame it's not bc or I'd own one right now. Not much to choose from atm.


My friend has one and Killzone and it looks crazy good. I love all the Killzone games, but just can't bring myself to buy a PS4 for one game. Plus I'm saving for a new pc. ;)

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PS2 still better. PS3 is ok. PS4 just...just no. Bad controller design, lackluster titles, just ports of old games from PS3 to PS4, you have to pay to play online now, the price of the console (and I thought Phoney was bad enough with PS3's $600+ tag), and no backwards compatibility; don't worry $50 a month should cover their 'brilliant' and 'cheaply friendly' 'cloud service' idea where we can play older games for just a ton of money whenever they decide to get that up and burning peoples wallets.


Xbox wasn't great, 360 didn't bring much either, CrappyCableBoxOne didn't bring anything but shameful display and a large loss of the Xbox fan base.


GC was ok and had a better controller over the 64 and FPS was playable finally, Wii wasn't anything but over hyped and over rated as the motion control was bull, Wii U just shows Nintendo doesn't care anymore and wants to be kicked in the groin and out the doors of business.


For some reason, gaming is going down instead of up. At least for consoles. PC still superior.


I never wanted 'next gen' anyways, they have too many problems and just old games from early 2000 that are being copied and pasted over like usual still. Nothing makes me want that Phoney PS4. CrappyCableBoxOne though had Project Spark and Dead Rising 3 so far. Wii U had ZombiU and Hyrule Warriors. But eh if I want zombies I got plenty of flash games and free 3D games to play on PC and if I want to play the highly repetitive and dying breed Dynasty Warriors hack n slash I have older games from the series. All in all, 'next gen' isn't 'epically coolio bro' as everyone wants you to believe. Honestly I may just go handheld for now on.

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