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Script Latency


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I hope this is in the right place. If not, could a moderator move it please.


Now, I'm not exactly new to modding but I have been having a lot of Script Lag in my game with many things. For example, when I kill an enemy to try and capture it's soul, it only gives me the souls and plays the animation about 10 seconds later. Quests also don't fuction very well, as some times charcters are missing, or are simply walking to it very slowly, or they do 10 sec breaks between lines.

Even some mods like FrostFall and Convenient Horses aren't working correctly. Frostfall takes a very long time to place anything on the floor and some features don't even work with Convenient horses like telling a horse to folllow or stay.


I'm going to tell you which script heavy mods I have installed:

Mods lined in red are mods which I simply refuse to remove because it just makes Skyrim extremelly better to my eyes.


Civil War Overhaul

Dragon Combat Overhaul

Convenient Horses


Realistic Needs & Diseases

Wet & Cold

Wet & Cold Holidays

Shlongs of Skyrim

Sexlab mods(2 of them, I ain't sure if they are actually that heavy as I've used them in the past and it was fine.)


I have around a 100 mods installed, the rest is either visual mods, item mods or NPC mods like Interesting NPC and Inconsequential NPC. I also use a overhaul called SPERG which I believe is a very light weight overhaul and compatible with almost anything.


I know I'm power hungry when it comes to mods and I just might have a bit too much for what the Skyrim engine can actually support.

My game does not crash though, I run at around 55 FPS and I haven't got a single CTD since a long time.


So, I was wondering if there is a way of making skyrim work with more scripted mods, or is it simply hardcoded in the engine itself?


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well if you don't need wet and cold and its holiday plugin you can get rid of them to help a bit

frost fall and RND are both big mods so if they are musts get rid of every thing you can live with out and do a quick test run even if me and you had the same exact computers there is no telling how yours will react as apposed to mine so its always trial and error

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Then get rid of all of them not in red, and maybe even try a less scripted version of RND (I forget it's name, but there is one out there).


Then in /data/SKSE/ place a document called "SKSE.ini", and in the documents put these lines....






This should kill off the loose rogue/orphaned scripts left behind from removed mods, but it works over a period of time.

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In my personal experience Wet and Cold was a huge latency hog, and I haven't tried it but Civil War too probably. I wouldn't drop Convenient Horses, it's really convenient when you don't fast travel and works great with Frostfall.


Have you done any Skyrim.ini Papyrus section edits?




check the papyrus section in that. Don't go crazy with edits if you do, small increments do a noticeable difference.

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I solved my Script Latency! It turn out Wet & Cold is super heavy. I also forgot to mention I had immersive patrols on, and I also removed that one. But by removing these two mods, everything turned back to normal. All Scripts run correctly and there are no more delays and weird happenings.


I also took a look at those Skyrim ini settings, but fortunately they weren't needed. :)

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Guest Vendayn

Try adding/changing this in skyrim.ini, it fixed the problem for me and made my game more stable (been playing it 100 hours now, and its better than it was the first 30 hours)



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