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HDT SOS Vanilla Clothes (Idea)

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Just imagine: HDT enabled male robes that allowed erections. You strut your tantalizing character through a temple, right in front of your favorite monk. Grinning, you strike a pose! He shows nothing more than peeked interest and a small bulge. Perhaps a strip tease would do the trick? He seems to like the idea exclaiming "By the twin moons!" and the front of his robe finally parts to exhibit what you so desperately strived for!


I would love to be walking down the street, see a man with high arousal pitch a tent for me. How immersive, how erotic.


(I completely agree with not asking modders to make things they do not have interest in. I am simply squirting my thought juices into the melting pot of ideas that this site is. I will be working on this myself, but chances are that will be VERY VERY far away, so if someone likes the idea, they may run with it! [Just tell me when you finish! LOL])

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WHY HAS NO ONE ELSE COMMENTED ON THIS OH MY GOSH!!1! But yeah, this would be amazing. I would love if someone were to make this. Unfortunatley, the reason no one has responded is because of how hard it would be to make. But one can dream  :sleepy:

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