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Bashed Patch (Import Factions)

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I think I screwed up my factions.  What happens in the Shivering Isles, stays in the Shivering Isles, right?  Except it doesn't.  At least for my Divine Crusader.  Incurring infamy in the Isles is ... exactly like anywhere else... armor falls off, "I used to think you were a hero," blah blah.  This Madgod has been good all her life, but something about Nanette Don makes her want to be bad... le sigh.


Would rebuilding my bashed patch without importing Knights faction keep the Divines out of Sheogorath's playtime?

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I'm pretty sure you can set fame and infamy in the console, and iirc the Ancient Towers mod includes a spell that clears your infamy. As Sheo, you could wear your regalia and have fun. When you're done, clear your infamy and put back on your Divine Crusader gear.

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