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[Request] Making Andromeda sexlab compatible


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Semi-recently, I ran into an amazing companion mod that adds a very unique being to Skyrim. Andromeda is a companion that uses her own set of special animations, and has some very unique appearances. I have tried and tried, swapping out all manner of files, but I am unable to make her compatable with, well, anything at all animation-wise.  The most I have done is gotten her to stop her idle floating animation, into the rigid, no animation stance. 


Ideally, I would like some way of having her stay as she normally is, but be compatable with all the animation mods out there. Realistically, I'm pretty sure that can't happen, as the floating and such likely needs her special skeleton or body. I would still be quite happy if there was a way to change her animations to a walking human(oid).


At the very worst, would there be some way to make her special textures and auras able to be equipped or toggled on either the player, or on a companion?  


Any and all help regarding this is greatly appreciated, though keep in mind I'm still rather clueless to "modding" other than "replace file X with file Y" and some basic outfit studio experience.


Here is the mod, for those interested: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36188/?

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