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Problem With Bbp For Nude Characters


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For the longest time, I have had this issue with CBBE and BBP from CHSBHC working together.  I get proper breast bouncing and movement when using robes and light armors from CT77's CBBE Armor Conversions and the Bodyslide Armor Merge Mod.  But when I have a female character standing, walking, or running in the nude (no equipment on at all), there are no breast animations at all.  I honestly don't know why this isn't working, as I've tried numerous things to fix it (uninstall/reinstall, changing mod load order, making sure I only replace files that I need to replace, etc.) to no avail.  I'll post the mods I use, the order I load them in, and what files I replace/don't replace, if it helps. 


Realistic Ragdolls & Physics (Needed for XP32's Skeleton)

Apachii Sky Hair

Apachii Sky Hair Retexture

CHSBHC - BBP (Overwrite the .hkx files from Realistic Ragdolls)

CBBE (I select custom body, nevernude, curvy textures at ultra detail, CBBE face pack, feminine eyebrows, dirt-to-beauty mark, and Bodyslide.  I replace the .dds files from CHSBHC, but not the .nif files)

XP32's Maximum Skeleton (I select all default options because I don't have Frostfall or Joy of Perspective.  Overwrite CHSBHC's .hkx files, but not the .nif files)

NoMaaM Breathing Idles & BBB (Overwrite CHSBHC's .hkx files)

NoMaaM Walking Breast & Butt Bounce (Same as above)

Vanilla Outfits for CBBE

Bodyslide++ (I prefer to use this instead of Bodyslide 2.  It's a lot simpler and easier for me to use.)

CT77's CBBE Armor Pack

Beautiful Beast Races (Overwrite .dds files from CBBE)

Fair Skin Complexion for CBBE (Same as above)

FSC CBBE Face Fix (Same as above)

FSC CBBE Lines Fix (Same as above)

Sweaty Body CBBE (You get the idea by now.)


Crazy Glass Magician Robe UNP (Base files needed for the CBBE conversion below)

Crazy Glass Magician Robe CBBE Conversion

Fores New Idles in Skyrim (Both the necessary files and the spells addon)

Adult Show XXX


After I'm done installing all of these, I set up the bodyslide++ preset I want to use and apply it to all bodies and armors I have installed.  Then I find the GenerateFNISForUsers.exe as instructed by Fore, I don't select any of the patches because I don't have any of them installed, and just hit Generate.  After a few minutes, everything is fully loaded and I close the program.  I launch Skyrim and, as I stated previously, BBP and the breathing idles and walking animations only work when I'm wearing BBP-compatible armors.  The nude body itself has no bouncing at all.  So what am I doing wrong, LL?

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The problem is you are using a body without the bones for animated breasts(the NPC R Breast and NPC L Breast bones).

While the armor(which contains a body if you didn't know) has these bones.

Get the new bodyside, no one is going to support bodyslide++ in the future, this I can almost guarantee you.



You need to use bodyside to make your body which will have the proper bones. I'm not sure if nevernude supports the bones.....

Use a BBP or TBBP variation.


I highly recommend HDT body for it's superior body weights


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Are you sure there's nothing I can do with the mods I have installed right now?  I'd like to avoid Bodyslide 2 if I can help it, and SKSE has never functioned properly on my copy of Skyrim for whatever reason, so HDT is, unfortunately, out of the question as well.

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