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Need Help Getting Started On Mesh Editing


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Hi all, i've recently skipped from 360 to pc for teh mods, and i've been trying to learn as much as I can about modding.


 Currently, im trying to learn how to edit meshes so i can fix a clipping issue with one armor (Temptress shirt, UNPBO version), and another with the amulet not showing properly with a deep clevage armor (Forbidden Ebony Armor, 7base version).

 I'm hoping a more experienced modder can give me some advice and point me in the right direction; i need to know which program(s) to use and the best way to go about doing this.


 Thanks in advance ^^

 If people are interested and i get permission from the creators of said content, i'll gladly share my results =)


Details: I use base UNPB TBBP body with HDT-PE, skeleton.hkx intact with SG textures.


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I'm biased but here:


Start out with Outfit Studio, see if that can fix your problems.

If not then I suggest you get a free educational copy of Autodesk 3dsMax 2012-2014 versions will work fine for simple mesh editing.

(IMO 3dsMax looked a lot easier for beginners to pick up and learn, IDK why but Blender confuses me)


If you ever need help there's always the nightasy tutorials on youtube and the caanderes tutorials here.


As well as the orange chat button in my sig, where most of us use 3dsMax :) (I think we have blender user hidden somewhere in our ranks but not sure)

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here's my first attempt at office studio to convert Jacksh' Ayane armor; i know i screwed up somewhere, but i don't know where exactly :/ The armor is visible, but body is transparent for some reason...


Second result:



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