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Reduced Trees Mod Tropical


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You can try to optimize textures. With this app here...




This alone will help gain some frames per second.


And there are ini tweaks you can make to reduce grass, how far grass is rendered, how many trees and how far trees are rendered. You could try turning those down a bit to be able to see better and gain even more frames per second.

yes ! im try resize texture but problem is not at texture. I only want remove trees reduced , i dont know tweak in .ini so please help me ?

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In skyrimprefs.ini there is a section for



b30GrassVS =

fGrassStartFadeDistance =

fGrassMaxStartFadeDistance =

fGrassMinStartFadeDistance =


and you can change those values to something lower.


And there is a section for



bRenderSkinnedTrees =

uiMaxSkinnedTreesToRender =


where you can adjust the numbers of trees rendered and skinned. Reduce this number, too.


You can also find this line


bTreesReceiveShadows =


and if you set it to 0 then you'll gain a lot of frames per second.





These are just some tweaks you'll need to experiment with until you find what your system can handle. Tropical Skyrim is pretty taxing and has a lot of added flora. Some of the bushes you see blocking your view would be grass without that mod (it's why I suggested some grass tweaks, or to remove shadows from grass). But there is always going to be a lot more vegetation than in vanilla Skyrim, not much you do about that.

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