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Help With Adjusting Toys To Unpk Body


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Hey there 


I've been trying to convert a bunch of mods like toys etc to the UNPK body but i seem to have hit a roadblock in editing the placement of accessories like plugs etc. is there a specific method to move the object a little bit ? i tried in nifscope but for the life of me i cannot seem to get it to move. the default postion on the body is a little too deep and i wanted to move it slightly.








the only thing that worked somewhat was scaling the vertices but that deforms some of the toys way too much. this is what i managed to do for a different toy:-




Been googling for hours now and i cant seem to find a solution. maybe one of you could point me in the right direction ? would much appreciate it :D

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Try this:


1 - Open the UNPK Body mesh in nifskope;

2 - Open the toy mesh in nifskope (probably it is a good idea to make a backup copy of both this files first);

3 - In the toy window, select the nitrishape of the toy, right-click, block, copy branch (don't close this window yet);

4 - In the Body window, select the root (Ninode), then right click, block - past branch;

5 - Now you have both (body and toy) in the same nif; let's work in this nif for a while;

6 - select the toy nitrishape, then look at the block details, search for the translation - Vector3 - line and start changing the (x,y,z) values until you have the toy in the position you want regarding the body; you can adjust the rotation too; take note of the values and past them in the original toy nif file; now save and test it ingame.


Hope it helps.


Good luck!


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I actually tried that and managed to even get it to look right in nifscope. even applied the translation changes to the original nif using transform->apply. (like i said been googling for hours) sadly when i imported the edited nif ingame the toy was in the completely wrong coordinates. maybe this method doesnt work for toys specifically ? :( and outfit studio makes the object suddenly 20 times bigger so that doesnt work either... i really am stumped :(

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Strange... that is the technique I use to adjust shields, for instance, never had a problem with that. Does the toy have a bsdismemberskininstance branch set up for the tail?


Yes. would that affect it ? i'm still relatively new to nifscope.....


here's a picture from my trying the same method you mentioned earlier:- Screen_Shot93.jpghere's the entire tree for the toy:- toy_settings.jpg

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Ok, do this:


Select the BSDismemberingInstance, don't expand it;

Go down to Block Details, the expand twice the Partitions - BodyPartList;

In the last line (Body Part), change the value to 40-Tail

Open the .esp with that toy in the Creation Kit and change the Biped Object Bodypart both in the item and item addon window of the toy properties.

See if it works.

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